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Prozac Daisies: “Krazzy” CD

CD Design / Packaging

Prozac Daisies - Krazzy - Nashville-Mt. Juliet CD Design - CD Case

“Krazzy” is another Jeff Silverman / Palette Production. My first thought on this was… what on earth would represent Krazzy… I couldn’t do someone in a straight jacket – this had already been done perfectly by Pat Benatar… sooooo… maybe someone with crazy looking eyes?? Yep, that was it and how to perfectly finish it up – have the poor, bloodshot eyeball being sucked up into a black hole on the back of the CD! This was a bit of a challenge just to come up with the concept. The band also needed a logo so I came up with some cracked/earthquake looking text and the daisy (yes, I know daisies are white – but that wouldn’t show up on say, a white tee-shirt).

Prozac Daisies did a digital release of the old Tommy Tutone song “8675309-Jenny” that Jeff co-produced and arranged and I created the cover for this as well.

Prozac Daisies has now changed their name to Chronic Edge. For more information, please visit their website:


Prozac Daisies - Krazzy - Outside Cover - Nashville-Mt. Juliet CD Design
Prozac Daisies - Krazzy - Inside Cover - Nashville-Mt. Juliet CD Design
Prozac Daisies - Krazzy - Traycard - Nashville-Mt. Juliet CD Design
Prozac Daisies - Krazzy - Disc - Nashville-Mt. Juliet CD Design
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