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Responsive Website Design

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Responsive Website Design-Mt Juliet-Mashville

Example of Responsive Website Design:  Responsive websites do not simply scale down in size to “fit” your device. They actually identify the device that is being used and convert the screen size and layout for optimal viewing. You can see the differences above, between the same site viewed on a desktop computer, a tablet, which looks similar viewed horizontally, and a cell phone.  

Custom Website Design

Prices start at $1500*

  • 5 page website
  • Graphic design included
  • Optimized for the search engines
  • Looks great on desktops and is responsive for mobile devices
  • Created with WordPress – an open source (free) platform so you can easily update
  • Also included: assistance with acquiring your domain and hosting (if needed)

*The website price above is for a 5 page site. The price does not include the WordPress theme, paid plugins which add functionality, long forms, large photo or video galleries or website maintenance and/or backups. Any of these options can be easily added for an additional charge. Also, since WordPress is such a popular platform, there are many plugins which are available for free for or a nominal cost. Once we discuss your website needs, I will provide a detailed estimate for your approval.

Should You Have A Website?

If you have a business or a product, it’s very important to have a website. Websites are an economical way to advertise your services, keep in touch with your customers and establish credibility. A website can also showcase your work, detail company history and allow customers to post testimonials. Your website should be responsive. Look around and notice how many people are using their cell phones and tablets to find information. If you’re website does not display properly on mobile devices, you may be missing out on sales. DLS Graphics creates websites that are mobile responsive. Debra does her best to view each site on a variety of different platforms from desktop computers (PC & Mac) to Android and Mac devices such as phones and tablets to make sure that your site will display correctly. While a site may not look exactly the same on each device, it’s is important to ensure that the navigation, images and text are clear and readable and the site functions well.

Why should you choose DLS Graphics?

One of the things that makes DLS Graphics unique is that Debra Silverman is not only a website designer – she is also a graphic designer. This means that she does not have to stick with stock images that may also be used on other similar websites. Debra can create visual elements specific to your business that can be used for your website and for your identity on printed items such as business cards so that you can maintain a consistent company image across the web and other applications. Debra also has over 30 years’ experience working in business, the nonprofit sector and the printing industry. She understands the need for keeping costs reasonable and will help you get the most benefit from your investment. You can also rest assured that you will receive personal attention and an end product that reflects your vision.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

DLS Graphics designs websites keeping SEO best practices in mind. Simple concepts such as naming each page in the site correctly can help search engines find your site. For example – how many times have you seen the title of a website page named “About”? It would be better if the page was named “About XYZ Company” or “About XYZ Company, Nashville TN.” One of the most important factors for SEO is having relevant content on each page, which helps create more descriptive page titles and key word phrases.

Website Options:

There are numerous “create your own” websites you see advertised. They offer free templates to get you started, but there will still be a learning curve and time that needs to be spent to create your site. You may also run the risk of having a site that resembles another very similar business, or a site with closed in architecture that may limit you if you should decide to expand your business. Many of these are not good for SEO searchablilty either and they do not offer the numerous plugins and flexibility that a WordPress or custom HTML site does.


DLS Graphics primary development platform is WordPress, which has become very popular because it allows individuals to maintain and update websites without having to purchase expensive software or to know complex computer/html code. There are numerous developers creating themes and plugins to work with the latest version of WordPress. Many of these are free or nominal in cost, which allows me to keep prices down. DLS Graphics works with a few select companies that provide high quality themes, which allow flexibility and variety in design. Because of this and the fact that I do not have the high overhead of some of the larger web design companies, I can create a professional website with competitive pricing.

Website Design

This is a fillable PDF form that will help me understand your vision and goals for your website. **Since this is a fillable PDF file, you will need to actually download the file and open with Acrobat to use the fillable form fields. Please complete, save and email. Thank you!

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