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About Debra Silverman

Debra Silverman, DLS Graphics Owner & Founder
Debra Silverman, DLS Graphics Owner & Founder

I am a graphic designer, website designer and a singer/songwriter living about 20 minutes East of Nashville, Tennessee in Charlie Daniels’ hometown of Mt. Juliet.

I started DLS Graphics in 2013 to provide graphic and website design as well as printing services. On this site, I have shown a variety of examples and given some “behind the scenes” thoughts on my design work.   The sites www.palettemusic.com  and www.debralyn.com  show how I combine graphic design with website design, in sliders, images and the general site layout.  The debralyn.com site is also my music site, which will give you the opportunity to get to know me a little better.

I am also one of the founders of Palette Records. I have 20+ years of administrative experience – 17 of those being in the nonprofit sector. Throughout most of this time, I co-managed a national nonprofit 501(c)3 conservation organization and museum. In this role, I was responsible for much of the day-to-day operations. I handled everything from payroll to the supervision of staff. I also managed the association’s membership and coordinated special fundraising appeals in conjunction with the executive director and board of directors. This position also gave me a unique opportunity to begin learning graphic design skills. One of my responsibilities was Editor for the association’s membership magazine, “American Caves.” In this capacity I solicited and wrote articles as well as created the layout/design for the magazine. I later went on to develop these skills further by working at several print shops where I learned first-hand the “ins and outs” of the printing industry.

I believe having experience in both the corporate and artistic worlds makes me look at things a bit differently. For example, in printing, I have seen some amazing designs that left you wondering what the message was. I have also seen items that were created in such a way that made reproducing them difficult, and therefore costly to the customer.

My goal is to balance creativity and function.  I want your message to be unique and clearly stated. If this is a printed item, I will ensure that everything is press ready so there will be no additional fees for setup, etc.  If I am working on a website, I view each page on a variety of platforms from desktop computers (PC & Mac) to Android and Mac devices such as phones and tablets to make sure that the site maintains its integrity.

I enjoy working with individuals and small businesses to help develop their vision and create a product that reflects their goals and portrays them in a professional  manner. Thank you for visiting DLS Graphics! Please contact me if I can be of help to you in any way!

DLS Graphics: Creating your unique vision for print & web.

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