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Inspirational Media Website

Website Design

Sample pages from www.inspmedia.com:

(NOTE: This site is no longer active – the company has changed their domain and name)
Inspirational Media has been helping congregations to “hear,” “see,” and “feel” their worship experience in a more powerful way for over 50 years. They specialize in renovation and new construction projects and provide technical expertise for audio, video and theatrical lighting systems.

Inspirational Media’s original website contained a number of flash slideshows and images which no longer work on most mobile devices.  I redesigned this site based upon their original, but replaced their flash video with one from YouTube and I created a slideshow to take the place of their original flash header.  The new site maintains their original look and feel, but is updated with new fonts and a mobile responsive theme that adjusts to fit a variety of devices.

NOTE: This site is no longer active as of October 2015. The company has changed their domain and name.

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