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Before & After Photoshop Image Editing

Hidden River Cave Brochure artwork


I was given a horizontal photo with a family to be used for the front of the Hidden River Cave travel brochure. Unfortunately, there was nothing that I could do to make this photo “fit” for the vertical panel of the brochure.

I also had a high resolution photo of the bridge inside the cave that was actually vertical. The solution was to cut the family out of the original photo and place them on the bridge in the vertical photo.

The first image is the final brochure. Please scroll down to see the original images used to create this.

For more information on Hidden River Cave, please check out the website (also designed by DLS Graphics):  www.hiddenrivercave.com

Final Hidden River Cave Brochure

Above: This is the final layout for the front and back panels for the Hidden River Cave brochure combining both images below.

Original Image of Family on bridge inside Hidden River Cave

Original photo of a family on the bridge inside Hidden River Cave, Kentucky
Photo by the Kentucky Division of Tourism

Original Photo-Hidden River Cave Swinging Bridge (photo by Matt McClintock

Original photo of the bridge inside Hidden River Cave, Kentucky
Photo by Matt McClintock

Family cut-out

Family cut-out

Family with background added

The family added to the vertical image photo.

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