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Before & After Photoshop Image Editing

Debra Lyn: “A Cold Wind Blows” CD artwork


This is the artwork for my Americana CD that was released on Palette Records on March 17, 2014. This is also a good example of my Photoshop editing.  We started with photos of me shot against a green screen. From that point forward, everything else, the trees, sky, etc. were all created or embellished using Photoshop to produce the somber imaging reflected throughout the CD’s music and lyrics.

The photos of me were taken by Jenny Johnson, JWillow Tree Photography •  www.jwillowtree.com

If you would like to hear samples from “A Cold Wind Blows” and read more about the CD, please visit my music site:  www.debralyn.com

Debra Lyn - CD Before Image

Green Screen Photos (Before):

Debra Lyn - CD Before Image
My photos were taken against a green screen which allowed me to remove the background so that I could place my images into the Photoshop file you see in the finished CD cover.
Debra Lyn - CD Before Image
Another green screen photo.
Original photo of trees
This is one of the original photos I took of trees for the background.  The tree in front is the one that has the luna moth in the Photoshop image.

The finished image that was used for the back of the CD package.

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