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A Raw Inspiration Logo

Logo Design

A Raw Inspiration Logo

Pamela, the owner of “A Raw Inspiration” was referred to me for a logo design. She was in the process of starting her new company and wanted something colorful and eye catching. She also wanted to include an image of the sun and have an “organic” look that would reflect the natural image of her product.

The image below on the left is a grayscale image that can be used for black & white printing such as in a newspaper ad. This was created specifically for this type of application. The image on the right shows how the color logo would look if it was converted to grayscale using a default method or program.  A business card was also created based upon the logo.

A Raw Inspiration - Black & White Logo

This is the final grayscale logo that was created
as a separate black and white image.

A Raw Inspiration - Black & White Logo - Default Conversion

Bad Grayscale Logo Conversion

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